Thursday, November 23, 2017

KuuImpact plays Doug's Big Game - Part 6 of 6

I think it's safe to say that there's not much to this game and it will probably keep you busy for about 20 minutes.

The first mission shown here isn't in the FAQ, either. But the other one is.

Here, You'll find out that Mr. Bone is trying to shut down Sully's comic book shop. Head to Downtown Bluffington and head west to Sully's. Talk to Mr. Sully and he'll give you a petition. He needs four signatures. Head back out and use the payphone in the Downtown area. Skeeter will suggest your mom. Head to Doug's Block, ener the white house and talk to Doug'd mom. She signs and asks you to ask Judy to sign it.

Go upstairs and ask Judy to sign it. She declines, but she suggests your friends. Go to Mr. Swirly's, which is south of the Lucky Duck Lake area, and talk to Skunky. He signs. Go back to the park and enter the maze to the east. Go through it until you find Chalky. Chalky will sign it. Head to the mall and talk to Bebe. She makes you sign it for her, but it still counts.

Go back to Sully's, and he'll tell you to take them to Mr. Bone. Head to the Bebe Bluff School and talk to Mr. Bone in the second door. He'll tell you you're too late. This triggers Quailman vs. Robobone. Fly in circle to dodge the enemies, and shoot Robobone's glasses three times. After this, talk to Mr. Bone again. This ends the mission.

You also see a bad ending, where Patti's too busy to hang out with you. Maybe next time...

KuuImpact plays Doug's Big Game - Part 5 of 6

Notes: Get rid of this smell!

Head upstairs and go to Doug's room. There's a circle with a flashing red exclamation point. The homework is supposed to be there, but it's gone.

Head to Bebe Bluff School and use the payphone. Guy can't find your homework, and Doug will realize he left it in the car. Only thing is, Judy drove the car to the Sauerkrautski Festival.

Head to Downtown Bluffington and find Judy. She'll tell you to get her cape from the costume room. Go east to Moody School, enter the door in the upper-right and grab the cape off the table. Leave the Moody School and talk to Judy. She still won't give you the keys. This triggers the Quailman vs. Judy-Dra game. Fly around in circles so the bats won't get you, and shoot Judy-Dra in the face three times. You have six shots, so be careful. She still won't give you the keys, so Doug just decides to do his best at the study session without his homework.

Head back to Lucky Duck Park and talk to Skeeter. This ends the mission.

In another mission, Doug is told Patti is at Lucky Duck Lake. He heads over there to find Skeeter trying to use an attraction potion made by Al and Moo, also known as the Sleech brothers, on the Nematode. Doug tries some, but he accidentally uses too much and has to get the antidote from Al and Moo.

Head to Downtown Bluffington and head east to Moody School. You'll find a pink potion on a table to the south. Take it. then head to head to Lucky Duck Park and talk to Skeeter. Unfortunately, the potiton you picked up is a dud.

Head back to the Moody School and there's a blue potion. Doug thinks it's the wrong one. There will now be a red one. Take it. This triggers the Quailman Rescues Supersport mini-game. It's the same as in the other mission. When you clear it, you'll see the red one has a note saying "Do not touch. Call us if there's an emergency." Doug takes the potion, and it's off to find Al and Moo.

Al and Moo will be at the arcade. Talk to them, and you'll get the antidote and end the mission.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

KuuImpact plays Doug's Big Game - Part 4 of 6

Time for another session of this game...

For this mission, Doug finds out Guy's been handing out stories for the school newspaper, and Patti may be with him.

Head to the Bebe Bluff school. Talk to Chalky, and you'll find out Guy's looking for Patty. Head to the far right door and talk to Guy. He wants you to cover the beetball tournament with Chalky. Talk to Chalky again, and you'll find out he threw a Beetball on the roof and knows nothing about the game. Talk to Guy again. You'll find out it's scheduled for next week, and he won't tell you what's going on at all.

This triggers the Quailman Rescue Supersport mini-game. Shoot the two spheres at the bottom of the machine eight times each and avoid the projectiles. When you win, talk to Guy again and he'll tell you she's at the mall. This completes the mission and you'll get a password.

Talk around and you'll get a new mission. Here, you'll find that Mr. Dink has a new toy, and that Patti went to see it. Head to Doug's Block and enter the red house, then talk to Mr. Dink. His new toy will explode, and the Quailman vs. the Salmon mini-game happens.

For this mini-game, avoid the fish that swim to the left until the game ends. Head to a payphone and Skeeter will tell you to head to the Moody School (east in Downtown Bluffington) and talk to Al and Moo. They'll tell you to go back to Mr. Dink's house at Doug's Block. Talk to Dink again. Al and Moo will tell you to go back to the Moody School and get the clamp, which is in the lower-right corner of the room. Go back to Mr. Dink's house one more time. This completes the mission after Mr. Dink says he doesn't know where Patti is.

After talking around, Doug finds out that Skeeter headed to Lucky Duck Park to set up a study session with Patti. Talk to him, and you'll find out that one, Patti isn't here, and two, Doug doesn't have his homework with him. To Doug's house!

Cornshaq beats Doug's Big Game in less than four minutes

There is a bit of a lag between input and what is actually shown on the screen. Forgot about that. Whoops.

But yeah, if you know exactly what you're doing, speed through the text get the right missions, you can beat the game in less than four minutes.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

KuuImpact plays Doug's Big Game - Part 3 of 6

We've made it through a heck of a day...and we finally meet Patti!

Kuu skips to the third mission for some weird reason. As for that second, it's the one mission the FAQ that I'm looking at doesn't cover. That's just great. Here's how it goes:

When you go to Downtown Bluffington, you'll be told that there's a sale at Sequin World and that Bebe has went there with Patti. Head to the mall, and talk to Bebe. She'll ask you to deliver party invitations. Use the pay phone at the mall. Skeeter will tell you that Skunky is at Lucky Duck Park. Head there and talk to Skunky. Head back to the house at the park. You'll find Roger. who wants to act like an asshole instead of a normal human being and not take the invitation. This sets up the Quailman vs. Robo-Roger mini-game.

Avoid the fists (which don't home in on you this time) and hit Roger's face with three Quail Eyes. If you need to, press A and B together to switch to Quaildog so you have more ammo. Roger will take the invitation after that. Head down to Swirly's and talk to Bebe. She'll go ahead and have Jenkins deliver Patti's invitation, since you can't find Patti and Bebe considers you unreliable for whatever reason.

After completing three missions, talk around and you'll find out Patti's on Doug's Block. Go there, and talk to Patti to end the game. Depending on how quickly you did, she either hangs out with you or she doesn't.

KuuImpact plays Doug's Big Game - Part 2 of 6

I want to think the game is based on the TV series from ABC's 1 Saturday Morning...kinda like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie for Super Nintendo.

To go to the Four Leaf Clover mall, press Start to open the map, then choose the Four Leaf Clover Mall. Go all the way to the upper-right corner and enter the arcade. From there, you'll be able to find Fentruck. Talk to him, and he'll agree to help you draw Mr. Bone away from the detention room.

Pull up the map, and head to Bebe Bluff School. Head right and talk to Mr. Bone, who blocks the second door. Since you have talked to Fentruck, you'll be able to go into the detention room and confront Roger. This triggers the Quailman vs. Klotzilla mini-game. Here, all you'll have to do is destroy both sides of the building so that the building falls with your Quail Eye, all while avoiding the fireballs.

When you win, talk to Roger again and you'll get the drawing back. Mission accomplished.

When you complete one of the missions within the game, you'll get a screen with Pork Chop on. It will say one of three things: "Good job," "Not bad" or "Hurry up." This is dependent on how quickly you finish the mini-quests, and the faster you get through them, the better the ending you'll get.

You'll also get a password. Write it down.

Talk to somebody to get a new mission.

For Kuu's second mission, you'll find out Chalky was looking for you in your neighborhood. Go to Doug's Block on the map, and talk to Chalky. You'll found out he accidentally threw Patti's favorite Wacky Wizzer into a yard with a dog. Chalky's allergic to dogs, so you'll have to go get it.

Monday, November 20, 2017

KuuImpact plays Doug's Big Game - Part 1 of 6

How to Doug, Part 1.

Doug starts the game in a random location. He stalks to Pork Chop (the dog to your left). Patti Mayonnaise was supposed to meet Doug an hour ago. Doug starts looking for Patti, hoping he didn't go to the wrong park by mistake.

From there, you're pretty much on your own. Press A to talk to people, and B to talk to Pork Chop. Pressing Select shows your journal, and pressing Start shows the map.

You have to do a few things before you can meet Patty, and the things you have to do are random every time you play.

If you find a coin spinning on the ground, pick it up with the A button. From there, you can use it on the pay phone by pressing A at a pay phone. Explore new areas you enter to find more quarters, as they can be essential as the game goes on.